How you can get an amazing 400% ROI from this unique trade show giveaway

If you’ve ever setup a booth at a tradeshow before you know that they are expensive and sometimes difficult to get a good ROI from.  There are usually thousands of people visiting hundreds of different booths, being bombarded with offers from everyone.
The name of the game is to separate yourself enough so that you can capture your ideal clients information.  That way you can re-market to them long after they’ve left the show.  In this article we are going to discuss how you can use Custom Printed Ice Packs in a unique way to get in front of your ideal client and have the best possible chance of making a sale.

So how do you win with this unique giveaway idea?

There are many unique promotional products on the market that you can use as trade show giveaways, but I want to show you how you can actually track your ROI.  Let me walk you through how you can brand these promotional gel packs and make sure that you capture as many leads and sales as you can!  Our goal is to help you make your trade show profitable so that it’s no longer a cost to your business, it’s a profit generator.

How we print our Gelpax to make them cool promotional items

Let me walk you through the psychology behind our printed gel packs.  Instead of just printing your company logo, phone number, ans website on them with no real call to action, we offer a deal on our products.  As you can see on the left there is a specific webpage that we want to send our clients to.
Instead of just hoping they will be interested in our products we give them a specific action to take online.  Everyone has a smart phone these days and you can use this tool to sign people up right on the spot.
If you are evaluating a gel pack provider and one gives you a 15% off coupon and the other gives you nothing, which one are you going to inquire with?  It’s basic marketing but you would be surprised at how many people miss out on this simple step.

Helping your prospects take action

The best promotional giveaways always have a draw to help people inquire about your products and services.  In this specific instance we used 50 free Gelpax with purchase of an order.  We used a printed card with a personalized ice pack in a little peel and stick clear bag.
We geared the promotion towards our target audience which was foot care professionals, then we offered them a deal.  This really helped get them to the webpage that we setup with an optin form.

The Unique Webpage Is The Key

If you really want to separate yourself from other vendors and give away the most unique promotional product there, this is what will set you apart.  Designing a unique webpage that showcases the sale you have going and a bit about your product will capture you a massive amount of leads.
You might not be very tech savvy and that’s ok, we’ve got you covered.  We create a custom webpage for every customer who orders our promotional ice packs to giveaway at their next tradeshow.  You can literally sign people up through this page on the spot when you are talking to them.
Just have a couple ipads handy and when you give away the Gelpax you can explain the sale you have going and ask people to put in their name and email right there to claim the coupon code/offer you have.
Even if your prospect doesn’t want to do it at the moment you give them the opportunity, many people will visit your site later because they will always have the gel pack in their freezer.

What results can you expect from this unique promotional giveaway?

Obviously with any type of advertising we can’t guarantee results.  Making sales will be up to you as a business.  But we can tell you how we have done in the past with our promotions so far.
On average, our clients who do this promotional giveaway get about a 7-10% optin rate on their webpage.  That means if you handed out 10,000 promotional gel packs you would capture around 700-1000 qualified leads who want what you are selling.
After that it’s up to you to close the sale.  Most companies will know what their close percentage is for warm, qualified leads.  Ours is 32%.  I’ve broken this down even further for you with the infographic below.

This is cool but will it work for my business?

I’ve been asked this question so many times before and the answer is YES, it will work for virtually any business.  If you are going to spend the money to make it to a tradehshow, setup a booth, pay for banners, pay for your staff to get there, and any other costs that are associated, you better have a plan to make a profit.
Simply saying, “We’ll rely on our salespeople to make an ROI from this event.” doesn’t work anymore.  You don’t have an avenue to re-market to your prospects after the salesperson talks to them once.
Here are the real benefits of giving away a personalized ice pack at your next tradeshow or sponsored event;
  1. Everybody uses hot/cold packs in their house
  2. It’s not bulky and difficult to carry around. You can fit it in your pocket.
  3. 58% of people will keep the Gelpax for more than 1 year
  4. You will have the webpage forever
If you are looking for a unique promotional giveaway there’s nothing better than a printed ice pack.  It will work for any company in any industry with any type of client.  It’s particularly good for medical conferences, legal conferences, boating/fishing shows, car shows, home and garden shows, and many more.
If you are interested in finding out more about how we can supply you with the most unique promotional giveaway on the market, click the button below and get a free custom branded sample!