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Ideal for use by dentists, cosmetic surgeons and health and beauty spas for patient care and comfort.  The 3×3″ custom ice packs are used primarily for treatment after botox or filler injections.  It’s small design is meant to hold the cold for about 10-15 minutes providing relief immediately after the procedure.


The 3×5″ is most used for treatment after oral and facial surgeries.  It weighs 80 grams and will hold temperature for 20-30 minutes.  The imprint area is the same as a business card so it’s very popular as a giveaway at events.

4 inch round

The 4″ round custom gel packs are most commonly used in medi spas, dental clinics, and plastic surgery practices.  This is our most popular size as it has a soft fabric backing that is very comfortable against the skin.  Your patients will love the 4″ round personalized ice packs.


The 10×12″ is used for treatment of any aches and pains on large areas of your body. Ideal for the back, neck and legs this size covers a lot of area and holds temperature well. Ideal for use by physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports injury clinics for patient care and comfort. All packs are customized using a full color printed insert and colored gel. No ink comes into contact with the skin.


The 8×10″ customized ice packs are perfect for therapy use.  They hold temperature for 50-65 minutes and are a great size for treatment of the feet, legs, back or stomach.  This size is ideal to offer for sale at your front desk to drive more revenue to your business.


The 6×10″ custom ice packs are most commonly used by physiotherapists and chiropractors.  This is our most popular large sized gel pack because it’s cost effective and performs very well.  The 6×10″ can hold temperature for 45-60 mins.


The 5×7″ promotional ice packs are mainly used in dental surgery clinics and tattoo removal clinics.  These are awesome for promotional giveaways as well because of the large print are and versatility.  The 5×7″ can hold temperature for 30-45 mins.


The 5×5″ customized ice packs are most commonly used in vein and laser clinics as well as tattoo removal clinics.  It’s perfect for treatment after any typs of procedure that burns the skin.  It will provide cool relief for 30-40 mins. 


The 4×10″ medical ice packs are amazing for treatment of the neck and shoulders.  Most commonly used by physiotherapists and chiropractors, this size will hold it’s temperature for 40 – 50 minutes.  


The 6×20″ customized ice packs can be used for the back, lumbar, hips or legs.  It’s super long so it’s great for wrapping around limbs or your back.  It’s mainly meant for therapy in clinics or for sale at the reception desk.  Offering these to your patients for $15 is a great way to add extra revenue to your practice.