Shipping & Returns

Discover how creating a custom ice pack for shipping can help you get new clients without spending any more on your materials or advertising.

  • It's a bold claim, but here’s how we do it…

    "We brand all of our shipping ice packs free of charge so you can have your logo and a coupon code on the gel packs. When your clients open the box they see the coupon code and keep the ice pack in their freezer. Next time they need to order they can use the code to get a deal"

  • You've added a new revenue stream!

    "Without increasing the price of your shipping materials, you’ve just added a new revenue stream to your business! You can even track how many people have used your coupon code on the gel pack and see what your ROI is. Super simple and effective"

How can we get you the best shipping ice packs for a good price?

  • Manufactured in house

    We make all of our products in Canada to the highest quality standard. This enables us to keep the cost down and be in complete control of quality

  • Custom solutions

    We customize all of our products according to shipping time, size and weight to give you the most cost effective solution that will keep your products cold in transit

  • Super Quick Lead Time

    We produce all orders within 5-10 business days so you will have your shipping ice packs ready to go. We can also setup ongoing deliveries to make it easier for you