The One Thing Your Website Is Missing


The One Thing Your Website Is Missing

The One Thing Your Website Is Missing That Could Double Your Leads

After doing some research on this I noticed that so many local medical practices aren’t using this tactic…

Actually none of the websites I found were using this!  What am I talking about?  Watch the video below where I give you an in depth look on what we did to increase our leads from 36 in December to 142 in April.

Here are some resources we used to make this happen;

  1. – This is an awesome landing page builder that we use to capture all of our leads.  It’s user friendly and great for beginners.  Click the link to get a 14 day free trail.
  2. – We use MH to communicate with our clients via email.  It’s the best email autoresponder I’ve ever used and gives you an easy way to broadcast, setup streams, and much more.
  3. – You can use this tool to create easy banners and buttons for your website.  It’s very beginner friendly and even if you know nothing about design you can use this.
  4. – This is one of my favorite resources of all time!  I use this whenever I need anything done to my website that I don’t know how to do.  You can find experienced designers and developers to do simple jobs for you, like installing buttons, for less than $20.


Now that you have all the resources I used to set up this process you can get a head start on dominating your competition by offering a deal.


Here are a few key takeaways from this video:

  • Having a “Book An Appointment” button is good, but not enough!  If you offer your prospects an incentive to inquire you will do FAR better.
  • The more call to actions you have, the better!  You should be putting buttons on every single page of your website so you can get the maximum amount of inquiries possible.
  • Simplicity is key for maximum effectiveness!  Don’t get too complicated with your landing page.  People have a limited attention span and in my experience the more basic your landing page is the better the optin rate will be.


If you’re thinking that this is a bit overwhelming and you don’t have time to do this yourself, we can help!  We can set this up for you for 30 days free of charge to prove to you that our system works.


Not only will you get what I showed in the video, but you will get a custom done for you marketing solution for your entire website.  We accept one client per city so click here to apply today!

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