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Hot Cold Promotional Gel Ice Packs - Custom Branded

Posted by Aston on 2019 Oct 12th

Hot Cold Promotional Gel Ice Packs - Custom Branded

Discover how you can use Promotional ice packs to generate more clients

Our promotional ice packs are 100% made in Canada and FDA registered. An awesome idea for promoting your business or medical practice, these can be used for hot or cold. All of them are custom branded with your company name and logo in full color digital print along with your choice of custom gel color

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The best ways to get more clients using promotional gel ice packs Give them away at an event

Many of our medical practice clients give custom branded ice packs away at local events that they've sponsored. Whether you're a dentist, chiropractor, or sports injury clinic these have a great impact on people when handed out.

Your custom ice packs are something that they will use on a continuous basis and keep in their freezer long term

Use a coupon to get initial appointments

Running a sale or coupon to potential clients using branded gel packs has been super effective for many of our clients. All you have to do is run the numbers and you’ll see how lucrative this could be.

Think about it… Let’s say you’re a local dentist and you’d like to hand our promotional ice packs at your local fun run. If you order 1000 3x5” custom Gelpax with your logo and an introductory offer on it - **New patient special! Get your first set of xrays for $49 plus complementary teeth whitening** - people will come into your office.

If each new patient is worth $5k to you in the long term and you can convert these at 1%. You just got 10 new patients out of 1000 Gelpax handed out. It cost you $1500 and you just made $50k.

Sounds like a pretty awesome marketing campaign doesn’t it?

Use them to run a draw

Let’s say you run a local medspa and you’d like to get more customers. Hand out one of the round promotional ice packs in your office after giving a botox injection and say "Enter our draw to win a $250 gift card towards your next visit".

Create a facebook messenger scan code which will instantly enter your patient into the draw. If you don’t know how to do this don’t worry! We can do it for you...

Get them into the draw and have them share it with their friends. Once you have some entries you will be able to retarget these people on facebook through ads and generate a ton of referrals.

Use them as a unique trade show giveaway

As a guest at a trade show the last thing you want is to have to carry around a huge stack of flyers from hundreds of different vendors.

Handing out promotional ice packs at a trade show is not only unique, but also a great way to generate leads. If used along with an email capture or messenger scan code you can generate hundreds or even thousands of qualified leads that are primed to become clients.

Capture your potential clients information in exchange for a custom ice pack… Enter them into a draw that you’re running… Your creativity is the only barrier to success with promotional gel packs.

what our clients are saying

  • Cheryl Scollard

    DMA Rehability

    After looking through the website I wasn’t sure I could get the custom gel color I wanted. But after I got the product and used it for giving to my patients I was really impressed! I noticed right away that it directly affected our ability to bring in new clients. Not to mention how practical they are, and they worked with us to get the color I wanted. The size was perfect and we find our clients use them all the time!

  • Kelli Cormier

    Riverview Animal Hospital

    I was quite cautious when first ordering from because I was worried it would be a difficult process and they would be too expensive. But after I got the product and used it for orthopedic surgeries I was very happy with the quality and performance! They were also great at matching my logo colors. I would definitely recommend

  • Patricia Brockhoff

    Wayside Dental

    When I first looked at the Gelpax website, I had a few questions. I called them and they immediately answered. I got my sample shortly after that and was very happy with it. I love how affordable the product is while still holding exceptional quality. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Gelpax, they really are the best.

  • Linda Lorenzen

    Allura Clinic

    I choose Gelpax because of their unmatched quality. I use them to treat patients and love how they have a fabric backing on one side of the 4” round. There’s nothing I would change about our Gelpax and would definitely recommend them!

  • Michelle L Somers

    Synergi Med Spa

    I choose Gelpax because of their great customer service. The 3x3” works great for giving to patients post treatment. I love all the great sales and offers they have. I would recommend Gelpax to anyone looking for an easy way to promote their practice.

  • Sarah Fuentes

    Skin Revitalising Center

    I love ordering from because it’s very cost effective and easy. The product works awesome for treating our patients and they have so many great gel colours. I still can’t believe they offer free custom branding. I would recommend to any aesthetician looking to represent their brand in a cost effective way.

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The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Customized Promotional Gel Ice Packs

If You Have Come Here In Search Of Customized Ice Packs, You’ve Come To The Right Place… Not Only Because You Can Find Everything You Are Looking For Here, But Also Because Of This Helpful Guide That Will Assist You In Making Sure You Make The Correct Decision On A Promotional Ice Pack Supplier.


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