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After looking at through the website I wasn’t sure I could get the custom gel color I wanted. But after I got the product and used it for giving to my patients I was really impressed! I noticed right away that it directly affected our ability to bring in new clients. Not to mention how practical they are, and they worked with us to get the color I wanted. The size was perfect and we find our clients use them all the time!. 

- Cheryl Scollard, DMA Rehability
When I first saw the custom Gelpax sample I wasn’t sure that it was going to work for us. It didn’t have the look or feel I wanted. But after using it with my patients I was blown away at how much they loved it, and I started to think it was pretty great too! Give it a shot if you’re looking for Gelpax for cosmetics. 

- Kaydie Rabbe, Ottawa Cosmetic Nurse
I was quite cautious when first ordering from because I was worried it would be a difficult process and they would be too expensive. But after I got the product and used it for orthopedic surgeries I was very happy with the quality and performance! They were also great at matching my logo colors. 
I would definitely recommend 

- Kelli Cormier, Riverview Animal Hospital
When I first looked at the Gelpax website, I had a few questions. I called them and they immediately answered. I got my sample shortly after that and was very happy with it. I love how affordable the product is while still holding exceptional quality. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Gelpax, they really are the best. 

- Patricia Brockhoff, Wayside Dental
I chose Gelpax because of their unmatched quality. I use them to treat patients and love how they have a fabric backing on one side of the 4” round. There’s nothing I would change about our Gelpax and would definitely recommend them! 

- Linda Lorenzen, Allura Clinic provides great quality products at an affordable price. The ordering and customisation process is very easy. They’re great for promoting the business and treating the patient. 

- Laura Baker, Kaiser Cosmetic Services
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We respect your privacy and have a ZERO TOLERANCE for spam.
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