How we collected 159 leads for a medical practice from a simple draw

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How we collected 159 leads for a medical practice from a simple draw

Getting new patients into your practice can seem like a very difficult task…

You can set up a billboard, get a radio spot, tv ad, or even run ads online.  If you’ve done any of these things you know how expensive it can be just to get a lead.

Most medical practices are pleased to pay $50 – $100 per lead, or even more for plastic surgeons and high end services.  What if I told you there was a much easier way to grow your subscriber list each month and pay less than $1 per lead for ULTRA qualified people.

Enter – Running draws from your Facebook page…

In the short video below I’m going to show you exactly how we ran a simple draw for $50 and generated 159 leads for a dental practice.

NOW, before you stop reading and say,

But I’m not a dentist… Will this work for me?” 

Let me tell you, it absolutely will.  It’ll work for any medical practice in any industry.  Tattoo removal, specialists, you name it…

Watch the quick video below to see exactly how we did it in just 2 days!


Pretty awesome isn’t it?

Let’s break down how you can set this up for your practice today without having to spend hours trying to figure this out on your own. I’ll give you the answers to the test so all you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to do it.

If you do have any trouble, or you want this to just be setup for you, feel free to book a 30 minute strategy call with me below so we can discuss your specific situation.

1. Setup a Manychat account here – – It’s free!

2. Visit our page – – and get your bot template for free.

3. Edit the flow in the bot to be specific to your business and there you have it!

It’s really as simple as going into Manychat and changing the settings on your bot to be specific to your business. You select “Widgets” > New Growth Tool > Facebook Comments > then select the flow that you downloaded from me called “Medical practice free draw”

Then you go in and edit the text and images to be specific to your practice, and voila!

If this seems overwhelming or you just want to pay someone to set this up for you and get it done and over with, please book a strategy call below and I’m happy to discuss the options.

We are even able to manage this for you each month so that you collect a ton of leads into your subscriber list and therefore book a ton of new appointments.

Go ahead a book an appointment below to chat with Aston!

P.S. If you want to see our other post about how to create a welcome message for your page (this is great if you have messages coming to your page right now and don’t have time to answer right away) please visit here – Free Welcome Message Bot Article

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