Simple Method Which Instantly Responds To Inquiries To your Chiropractic Practice Without Wasting Your Time


Simple Method Which Instantly Responds To Inquiries To your Chiropractic Practice Without Wasting Your Time

If you’re like a lot of my chiropractic clients, you likely don’t have the time to be responding to facebook messages…

Even your team can get bogged down by this, take too long to answer, or forget about it completely.  In fact in a study done by Hubspot, they found that 82% of customers rate an “immediate response” Very Important when they have a question about your business.

Furthermore, 62% of customers define immediate as less than 10 minutes…

So let me ask you, are you responding to facebook messages in 10 minutes or less?  If not, you’re losing customers right now…


The New Expectation? Real-Time Response to Customers


But fear not!  There’s a simple way you can educate your customers about your products and services, and answer any questions they have instantly through facebook messenger.  It’s really easy to implement and completely plug and play.

Watch this short video below for the exact method behind the madness…


You can click here to download the free messenger sequence and implement it into your practice immediately. Not only can you answer any questions with this, but you can also setup a pixel and run retargeting ads to people who already know, like and trust you and your business.

That’s where the real magic happens, we’ll go into that one another time.

For now, here are the simple steps that you need to take in order to set this up for your business today.

1. Get a manychat account –
It’s free to start and install the bot that I just went over in the video.

2. Download the bot template here –

3. Install it into your manychat account and connect your facebook page

4. Edit the content in the messenger sequence to ensure that it’s relevant to your business

It’s just that easy! If you do have any questions or you get stuck anywhere please feel free to reach out and I’m more than happy to help. You can find some time in my calendar by booking an appointment below.

On this 30 minute call I’ll go over your specific situation so we can dial in the best way to use this method for your business. I’ll give you some ideas on what’s working for my clients right now, and I’ll make sure you leave with a sense of confidence that this method will work for your business.

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