How can you track your results

How can you track your results from handing out custom branded ice packs?
Tracking your results from handing our promotion ice packs is extremely important!

If you can’t directly track your results from this campaign, you could be losing out on a HUGE amount of potential business.  The real question is how can you actually track the results from a promotion like this?  Why is it important to know how many customers came from this exact promotion?

Imagine you spend $1500 to purchase 1000 promotional ice packs and you handed them out at an event.  If the average customer you bring into your practice is worth $500 to you, then you would need 3 customers to break even.  So to break that down even further, less than 1% of the people you hand the Gelpax out to need to become customers.

Advertising Spend = $1500 for 1000 units

Avg customer value = $500

Conversion rate = 0.3%

You generate 3 new clients worth $1500 and break even.  

Now what if you had a 2% conversion rate?  Well let’s do the math!!

1000 x 0.02 = 20 clients!  You spent $1500 to acquire 20 clients worth $500 each, total revenue of $10,000.

Let me ask you this… If you could spend $1500 on advertising and bring in $10k worth of business each time, how much would you spend?

Probably your whole budget right?  Me too!

All of these numbers are awesome but how can we actually track this?  Well there is actually a simple method you can implement to track every dollar you make from handing out custom branded Gelpax.

Step 1 – Purchase promotional ice packs with your company name and logo on them.

Our 3×5″ promotional ice packs are the most popular size but you can choose any one you like.

Step 2 – Setup a custom web page that you can print on the Gelpax

You can setup a custom web page such as that will have a sale offer that people can take advantage of.  If you are a dentist maybe offer a free or low cost teeth whitening package.  A plastic surgeon, maybe buy 10 units of botox and get 2 free.  This will attract the prospect to inquire.

Step 3 – Plant an opt in form on this page so people can inquire

Capturing the name, email and phone number of the potential client is crucial.  This way you can have someone in your office schedule an appointment for them to come in.

As soon as they come in you have the power!  Sure you might not make much on the initial visit, but when they come back for more services that is where it all becomes worth it.  If you pride yourself on your staff and service then there will be no problem persuading people to return to your business for more.

Are you totally out of your element when it comes to the web?

We’ve got you covered!  With purchase of 2500 promotional Gelpax or more we will actually create a custom landing page for you free of charge.  We have some awesome templates that are proven to work in the medical industry so all we would need is some company info and pictures and we handle the rest!

This always works best when you are offering a high ticket product or service like a medical or dental procedure, pool tables, or even treadmills.  There are endless ways that you can spin your promotion.

We will have case studies where businesses have increased their client base with Gelpax very soon!

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