5 Revolutionary Ways To Bring In More Clients


5 Revolutionary Ways To Bring In More Clients

5 Revolutionary Ways To Bring In More Clients For Your Medical Practice

As we enter into 2018 and technology continues to evolve, especially in the medical industry, keeping up with new ways to interact with potential clients online and off is becoming more and more overwhelming.


With all the other responsibilities that practice managers have where can you find the time to also manage the marketing?  The purpose of this short article is to give you 5 ways that you can easily engage with your ideal clients so that your practice can have a steady stream of new and existing patients coming in.


If you’re looking for ways to separate yourself further from your competition, these are 5 ways to do so that I can almost guarantee your competition isn’t capitalizing on.


The First Revolutionary Client Getting Method – Facebook Messenger Bot


Scared and overwhelmed yet?  I know the idea of running software on your Facebook page can be confusing, but it really doesn’t have to be!

So why is a messenger bot so revolutionary?  There are actually a few reasons;

  1. Over 95% of people will open Facebook messages, roughly 15-20% will open email
  2. You have the ability to broadcast to a large group who have interacted with your page
  3. Engagement on your posts will turn into clients for you


I’m not going to go over the in’s and out’s of running a messenger bot in this post (I’ll write one in the near future) but it’s very simple to setup and integrate it with your facebook page.  If you are looking for the best one available right now that you can start using for free I’d recommend manychat.com.


The Second Revolutionary Client Getting Method – Build An Ideal Client Profile


How can you successfully attract new patients to your practice before you know who they are, what they like, and where they hangout?  Creating an ideal client profile is crucial to knowing which content that you can put in front of them.

How can you create an ideal client profile for your business?  I’ve created a PDF with all the questions you need to ask in order to end up with an ideal client profile for your practice.

Why is this important?  When you know exactly who your client is and what they like, you will have a great idea of which content they will interact with.  Which will give you ideas of what to post on your blog or social media.


The Third Revolutionary Client Getting Method – Add Compelling Opt Ins To Your Website


I hate to say it, but so many of my clients do a terrible job of this.  What is a compelling opt in?  It’s an email or facebook messenger opt in on your website where people can inquire and claim a deal that you’re offering.

Here is a great example of a company that is doing an amazing job of an email opt in –


When new patients are on the homepage of your website and they see something like this deal, do you think they will be more likely to inquire?  OF COURSE!

All you need to do to set this up is brainstorm some great promotions that you can offer, get a designer on fiverr.com to mock up some banners for you, then get a developer on fiverr.com to place them on your homepage.

Doing it this way prevents you from having to pay hundreds of dollars to get simple website work done.  You can likely get all of this done for under $100 on fiverr.com.


The 4th Revolutionary Client Getting Method – Create A High Converting Funnel For New Patients


This is a bit more advanced and I will write an entire article on how you can do this in the near future.  What is a high converting funnel?

It’s a seamless sales process that your clients can go through to inquire and become a new patient.  How is this different than what you are doing now?  Most websites get traffic but fail to attract the most amount of inquiries possible.  Most of the time there are too many options, too much information, and no clear call to action.

When you create a “Funnel” for your patients to go through you will be able to get the most amount of inquiries and therefore the most new patients possible.  I’ll have another article coming soon about how you can create this funnel quickly and easily for your patients.


The 5th Revolutionary Client Getting Method – Use Gelpax At An Event Along With A Coupon Code


When we tested this method we found that it worked extremely well for attracting new clients.  How does it work?  It’s really simple!

  1. Get a branded gel pack with your logo and unique website URL on it – like gelpax.com/foot
  2. Place it in an individual bag with a printed card.
  3. Hand them out at an event or trade show and get new patients!

When we handed out just 100 of these at an event for foot care professionals we acquired 2 new clients worth $400 each on average.  So when you do the math;

100 units – 3×5″ Gelpax = $1.75 each, total of $175

If you convert a 2% that’s 2 new clients to your practice.  What are your clients worth?  The average dental patient is worth $3k-$5k each.  So this can be very profitable.  Check out our promotional gel packs here and get 50 free when you order 250 or more!


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